> Producer's Notes <

artwork by Naomi Sobol, 1996Baroque isn't just 'another type' of music; it's a way of life.  Coming from a more gracious age, Baroque's soaring melody lines, gentle caress of harmony, and quiet reassurance of a fixed measure provide the perfect background ambience for living simply, yet richly.

For over 40 years I've been a dedicated listener and collector of Baroque recordings.  During the past decade I've made it my life's pursuit to render my collected libraries in the highest of digital quality worthy of Baroque's fine and delicate sounds, and share this beautiful cultural heritage with others online.

A special note of thanks is due to my thousands of Live365 listeners for their dedication, support, and feedback.  By listening carefully to them I've learned which recordings and program formats are most widely appealing, and present those here for your enjoyment and listening pleasure.

Lastly, a most special and heartfelt expression of deepest gratitude to my loving wife and children for their warm support and encouragement during these many years spent on the creation of "Baroque 24/7".  Their enduring patience, insights, and fortitude in the face of many personal sacrifices are, more than anything else, what has made the fruition of the "Baroque 24/7" project possible.

        With many thanks for the gift of Music,

        Tuvia (Todd) Wertheim, "Baroque 24/7" Stationmaster


"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Berthold Auerbach